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The other word for "LEGENDARY".

This kid called Braiden (or EoPBraiden) is a sexy ass mother fucker.
Person1: Omfg is that Braiden?
Person2: O Shit that is, quick bow down as he walks past us.
Braiden: Well hello ladies
Person1: I think i just came!?
Person2: I'm fingering myself now!
by Gouldy18 May 28, 2011
A white man whore who usually ends up dating short, ugly, older girls.
Lucy: Ew, is he a Braiden?

Laura: Yeah I think so.
by Theforrealbunny October 27, 2014
A homosexual who has a hot mom. Is usually horrible at sports.
Dude 1 "He's pretty cool." Dude 2 "Yeah but he is a braiden." Dude 1 "Really? I've seen his mom but i didn't know he was gay."
by Shekeya October 06, 2011
An insult focusing on someone that is moody and keeps on faking everything. It's also used to notify someone that they are ruining good songs by never shutting up about them.
Person 1: Why is he so moody today?
Person 2: Because he's being a Braiden.

Example II:

Person 1: Oh god, he managed to ruin the new album.
Person 2: How did he do that?
Person 1: He kept on going on and on and on about it. Eventually I just felt a tremendous hatred for the music.
Person 2: That's because he's being a Braiden.
by Stewie with the bowl August 23, 2011
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