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Bradlee as in Kace Bradlee, meaning the greatest kid on earth. A little crazy at times, but can be sweeter than sugar. You will always love a Bradlee.
"Oh yea I know how he got his name," "How?" Bradlee. Brad for her brother that died, and Lee, the middle name of the love of her life, but he's not the baby's dad." "Word, that's some crazy stuff right there!" "Bet the dad don't even know!" "Haha, he doesn't!" "Hot Mess..."
by BrittKace October 12, 2008
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Bradlee is one of the most beautiful girls around. Usually thinks she ugly or fat. Really athletic. Has a lot of friends and sometimes shy. You will always love a Bradlee. Bradlees usually have blonde or brown hair and blue or green eyes. She is very smart. Boys chase after her and is easy to fall in love with.
Hey you beautiful Bradlee
by You know yo bae April 17, 2015

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