the sound of a dirtbike , sled, or any other engien that has expantion pipe for the exauhst system.
It is also a movie, depicting stunts on snowmobiles.
arctic cat

BRAAAP, is a sentance within itself.
by jameswasherer September 24, 2006
Top Definition

A sound of elation, similar to the revving of an engine in a dirtbike/quad. Often used after achieving a good grade or making a badass play in a sport. Sometimes also used when referring to any type of vehicle with a powerful, winding engine. See also go burls.


Originally exclusive to dirtbike/ATV riders, the phrase "BRAAAAPP!" is now widespread across the world. Many people believe that the tradition started many years back when Malcom ----- was interviewed after his first motocross win . Excited about his victory, Malcom described his final turn with the sound made by his dirtbike, exclaiming "BRAAAPP!!!!" in a gleeful manner. It has since been picked up by many across the world and is now a powerful adjective in today's society.
Example 1

Ryan - Dude, I just got a B+ on my algebra 2 test!

Chantz - BRAAAAAAAPP!!!!!!!

Example 2

JC - I just SACKED that bitch quarterback! BRAAAAAAPP!!!!

Example 3

Max - Yup, that's a CR250 Honda right there, you should hear the engine. BRAAAP!!
by Gata88 December 01, 2006
1. n. The sound made by an off road motorcycle.

2. v. To ride an off road motorcycle, especially with aggression

3. v. To perform any action in a poised, forceful way
1. As he exited the corner, his mighty steed screamed "BRAAAP!"

2. We braaaped up the ridge then flowed down the other side.

3. Mom, the SATs were so easy -- I just went "braaap!" and then I was done!
by Lee McCormack December 01, 2006
A noise that is made with the mouth refering to the noise of a dirtbike engine. Preferably a 2 stroke
" Dude i was hittin that burm like a pro I was like BRAAAPP!!"
by Bobby1 November 30, 2006
A form of contact, both physical and verbal...
1) I bust a nut all up in her eye, the next thing i know; i get a braaaps to the face.
2) Braaaps, that ass is to fine.
by Loquacious1210 December 03, 2005
Word used on a regular basis by Stewart Simmonds from Basingstoke
"I'm going to Lloyds tonight to get wrecked....braaap"
by CD Gorman August 22, 2008
The word used by a black man before he shoots you with an Uzi!!
White Man: Safe
Black Man: Aaahh Brraaaap *Gunshots*
White Man: *Dead*
Black Man: Fo Shizzay
by Mc Danny V June 10, 2005
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