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A saying used by flava flav, another fucked up and washed out rapper that thinks saying... YEAH BOYIEEEEE at the end of every sentence will make their fifteen minutes of fame even longer.
Stranger: FUCK OFFFFF!
by napoleondynamitelover December 30, 2005
A slang word often used in a joking manner, or by (don't get offended by this people) black women who think they're rappers. In a joking manner, it just can be used in random sentences to add flavor, inslut, or fun. In a rapping manner, it means 'boy' or some other shit I don't understand.
Joking manner - "Oh snap boyiee, you just got pwnd!" (Nerdy giggles ensure)

Rapping manner - "Oh snap boyiee, you'd betta recognise!" (Strange neck bobbing and shouts of "I'm talkin downtown" follow)
by bunny March 15, 2005