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Boy lover
Boy love

abreviated it is BL

A boylover is a man or woman (usually man) who is sexually attracted to boys. They have their age of attractions anywhere from infant to 14 yrs old.

A boylover is a pedophile child molester wanna be or doing it now to a little boy!

Usually they do not marry or have many adult friends.
They live alone and maybe have a dog to attract boys to them in public so they can perv all over them later.
A boylover lusts after little boys.
by you abused me January 30, 2007
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the politicaly correct way to say refer to pedophiles that are attracted to boys. child lover
Bob was a boy lover; that is he was sexualy atracted to young boys
by the silent tortoise January 09, 2006
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An adult, male or female, with a sexual and/or psychological attraction to young male children.
I thought Jon always hanging out with kids was kind of strange, then he confided in me that is a boylover.
by Chris September 21, 2003
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A pederast; a catholic cleric; in modern American political discourse, a member of the opposition party; a member of NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association; irritating co-workers.
Be safe, be brave, and above all, be proud to be a boy-lover.
by Aagnot Spong December 23, 2004
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An adult man or woman who is sexually and emotionally interested in prepubescent boys. Although a misguided boy-lover may molest a child, most boy-lovers are not child molesters and do not act on their sexual desires.
Terry, a boy lover, thinks twelve-year-old boys are the pinnacle of erotic beauty.
by Axsten January 27, 2008
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