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Boys who follow around fat older girls who can't get guys their own age.

The Ratio is usually eight boys to one girl.

The girl is usually referred to by her boy bitty's as their 'pimp'or 'mother.'
The boys will hang around in their sausage fest, and whenever 'their mother'comes over to them, they pee themeslves in abnormal excitement.
You NEVER want to be a boy bitty.
Boy Bitty #1: I wonder if Stacey will hang out with us today.

Boy Bitty #2: Oh my god, here she comes!!!

Boy Bitty #3:...I just peed.

Boy Bitty's #1, 2 and 4-8: me too...

Stacey: (Squeals in delight) HEY BOYS!
by tacos! November 01, 2009

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