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In craps (dice), slang term for throwing two sixes (at total of twelve).
Damn, I threw box cars!
by The Doctor January 09, 2005
To smoke massive ammounts of marijuana in multiple cars with the windows up and doors closed.
I do say Henry those cars in that unlit parking lot over yonder do appear to be box cars!
by Bradalicious August 08, 2005
Crazily stupid or idiotic, insane. Used to describe a person entirely lacking in common sense.

crazy, stupid, retarded, insane, half-baked, witless, a few crayons short of a full 52
That guy is boxcars, he just dropped his ipod in the toilet.
by Van's Little Wing April 26, 2011
A bet that pays off big or just something that is awesome. Comes from the racetrack, where a winning bet on a big ticket pays so many zeros that it looks like the dots on double sixes ("boxcars" in dice). Can be used in combination with ship it.
Man, I hit that moneyline parlay and it paid boxcars.

Dude, did you see that girl's ass? It was boxcars.

Guy 1: We just scored an 8th and it's nuggy.
Guy 2: Boxcars.

Guy 1: That slampig wants to f you later
Guy 2: Boxcars, ship it.
by smart money February 12, 2006
An adjective describing someone that is anti-semetic
Dude, he's so Boxcar he makes Hitler look like Sammy Davis Jr.
by Revdrgiggles January 15, 2007
An extra pocket sewn into the inside of men's underwear so that older men can have their scrotum supported.
Grandpa was hanging so low he needed a boxcar so he could wear his shorts.
by TruckdrivingMonkey June 29, 2014
One of those disgusting looking rectangular vehicles like the Scion xB. Most people would never buy such an ugly thing, but some just have strange tastes and preferences
The Laguna Beach youth parked his new Scion xB boxcar in the cul de sac, where it became an eyesore to the neighbors
by Boxcar Bob October 24, 2006
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