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A Box Month is a month in which the first day of the month begins on a Sunday and the calendar of the month forms a perfect rectangle. The only month in which this can occur is February, since it has 28 days. The occurrence of this event is quite rare. Since a Box month cannot occur on a leap (due to the 29 days), the pattern of re-occurrence follows a 6-11-11...6-11-11 year interval. For example the years in which a Box Month occur are 1981-1987-1998-2009-2015-2026, following the 6 yr, 11 yr, 11 yr pattern.

This rare event is celebrated throughout the month in commemoration of this rarity within the Calendar.
Dude 1: Dude, did you know that it's Box month this month?

Dude 2: Oh really, then let's fuckin party it up, cuz it's BOX MONTH!

Pickup line to Random Girl at Bar: Hey did you know it's Box Month?
by A Man With a Plan February 27, 2009
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