Bowen is used to describe a person who is very random and wears short shorts.
Bowen is very tall!
by ranprodeg March 25, 2009
A foul creature that inhabits sewage treatment ponds. It has a frightening odour, and is often mistaken for some type of beast, due to the fact that it attaches large pieces of its own feces to its skin in an attempt to disguise itself. It is believed to ride dragons, both physically and psychologically, and is also know to associate with the creature called a Ginga. The last sighting of a live Bowen was in central Otago, NZ.
Lets go Swimming in the lak.

No way man, I heard that a Bowen escaped in it. They're psyco.
by The Boss of Words September 04, 2006
1. Engaging in the act of anal sex with other men.

2. When something or someone is homosexual, or related to homoerotic activity.

3. The act of sodomy between two males, especially between friends involved in 'bromance'

4. A pejorative term used to describe either homosexual or effeminate activity by an alleged heterosexual male

5. The activities of early 21st century djs who indulge in tight jeans, 'fashionable' hair cuts and gay electro music.
1. Oscar Wilde is so bowen, he watches Sex in the City.

2. Is he scared or just being bowen?

3. Engaging in anal sex with another man is considered highly bowen in most western societies

4. Don't be bowen

5. I'm not bowen but if I had the chance I would fuck Johnny Depp

6. Did you enjoy the music last night? No, it was bowen

7. He likes to dance with boys to George Michael and 80s disco. If he's not bowen then I am.
by DJ Ginger March 06, 2010
one who is a rather stupid fellow and will not know whether or not he is wearing any trousers
Hey bowen...what u doin...u got no trousers...april fool
by Griff April 06, 2005
The term "Bowen" orginates from a very stinky guy that shits himself very often. To be called Bowen is to be called the foulest smelling person known to the world.
"Dude did someone empty a septic tank in here?"
"No it's just bowen over there, let's drop him in a vat of air freshner"
by The King March 23, 2005
When a string or two of hair from the head comes out from behind the ear, it is missplaced
"Oh sara, you might want to fix your hair, you have a bowen
by Boo Radley February 15, 2005
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