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a bewilderd beast that states "well done" way too many times in one hour
look out behind you there's a "bowden"
by f.a.n.n.y - b.o.y April 28, 2007
Bowden or Bowdcunt as it is most commonly known is a form of genetic baldness common amongst snakes. A bowden will commonly appear inside the jungle looking puzzled and obviously balding.
'Hey that bowden is balding'

by Doctorofdaterape May 26, 2009
Bowden is the technical term for a singing dog afficionado. Bowdens can often be found scouring Youtube for the latest clips of musical animals. When coupled with an Ian, they make an iBo - which was once a singing robotic dog.
Bowden: "I wuv yoooooooooou"
by Cheshcat May 14, 2010
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