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To Bovell is to address the situation at hand with the utmost violence and appropriate action to defer danger from one's self. Bovelling is considered an act of sainthood and is associated only with those of the utmost power and position in an oligarchy.
"Joe just got mugged."
"What a shame. He'd be fine if he'd known how to Bovell."
by Shotrocket6 November 23, 2011
A thick headed dark male who frequently gets naked to no bodys enjoyment
Woman "yuck whos that bovelling"
Man "I dunno, oi Jarvie smash that dawg'
Jarvie '"no worries ill make him piss''

*jarvie always smashes jordan*
by legend23 May 01, 2013
a cool chick/dude with a sorta french background
hey you look bovellish are you?
by meshella June 30, 2008