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To do a boutwood is to tell your friend's enemy about something your friend said about them - normally something sexual. As in 'about wood' ~ about penis.
Martha: I bet Tom is hung.
Jack: Haha, yeh! Go for him!

Jack: Hey, Tom, Martha is all up on your shit!

Martha: Oh, no! Tom just talked to me about his dick! Jack did a boutwood!
by LadyAngsthase May 11, 2010
A person, usually a girl, who constantly shines and polishes the crystals that surround her bum. Sometimes also have nipples with a thick coating of white caster sugar.
Caz: God, that girl, is SUCH a Boutwood!
Emily: What? God, thats one beautiful crystalised ass she got on her!
Geoffrey: And look at those sugar coated titties!
by hepibubble January 02, 2010
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