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(noun) A term used to describe a non-working class citizen, (usually a middle aged white man) who exploits, or scams a population of people for their money. Most often a representative or coordinator of an establishment/company/conglomerate/organization claiming to be "non-profit".

Contrary to popular belief the term, Bourgeois Nigga, is not restricted to a single race, sex, religious group or age group. Theoretically, a Bourgeois Nigga could be a mongoloid-Hindu, 2-year old hermaphrodite from Tanzania.
Ahmed: Yo, that old non-profit coordinator's asking us to pay him $600 again!

Marvin: Man, fuck that Bourgeois Nigga! I could have invested that $1 200 into a new computer!

Monique: Mmmmmhhhhmmmmm!
by Jamal Trotsky February 03, 2011

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