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pronounced: Boke

Someone who is both bearded and bald.It is easy to find this person wearing glasses, listening to Wilco, and, more often than not, consuming copious amounts of bacon.
Sally hadn't seen Matt in over three years.

"I've lost a lot of hair, haven't I?" Matt asked.

"It's fine. Just pull a Bouque and grow out your beard."
by yorkhiqt August 25, 2008
When you are so pissed that you want to give someone 5 (or 10) middle fingers so you hold up your whole hand(s) and wiggle the fingers about, to be used with angry face and to not be confused with a backwards wave.
Fuck that guy! He totally cut me off, you know what jackass? Here is a goddamn bouque
by The Flying Eye June 25, 2008

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