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A polish kid from California who thinks defining words on urbandictionary will make him cool. However it does not.
Look Botzu defined another word, he's still a loser
by Zorbane December 16, 2004
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A forgetful hunter/WoE whore who always forgets he's got SILVER ARROWS equipped.
*Double Strafe Double Strafe Double Strafe*
*Miss Miss Miss*
*Unequips Silver Arrows*
*Owns Jing*
by Corran January 03, 2005
A 6 foot wide emo robot that sits in front of his computer all day. His computer is located in the kitchen so we can hear his parents while he holds down "~" on ventrilo (which is the worst push to talk button ever). He likes to give dirty gonzos while ksing people on dota. When his e-friends aren't on to play dota he plays console games while eating an entire pizza. Unfortunately his children are going to have down syndrome so we have to be nice to him. He also laughs like a retard at retarded things.
Nadagast: Botzu! Stop fucking ksing!
Botzu: Waaaaaaaah~
Nadagast: Botzu thats not even a valid response
#retard #dirty gonzo #down syndrome #dota #robot
by Yongsoo October 11, 2006
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