A really awesome high school located in scenic Bothell, Washington. A place where students actually learn things, like how to spell useful, and are free to branch out to be whatever their heart desires. This school is decent for a good base education and offers fun classes taught by more than capable teachers. A much better option than Inglemoor because Bothell High students are well-rounded and don't spend all of their time studying to get into overly expensive ivy league colleges; they pursue their own goals and follow their hearts to whatever their futures may hold.

Bothell High does, however, have its fair share of less-than-cool people, but what school doesn't?
I'm a senior at Bothell High School!
Aren't you going to miss high school?
Well, I enjoyed it well enough, and I learned enough to get me to college, but I'm really excited to move on to bigger and better things.
by lylethecrocodile January 07, 2011
Top Definition
A kick ass school in Bothell, Washington. Our main rival is Inglemoor. We kick their sorry asses at almost every football game. Their colors are yellow and black, like a fucking bee.

Bothell is known for it's school spirit and partying ways. More recently it has become known for its naked cheerleader scandal.

Get on the blue train!
Inglemoor kid 1: We fucking lost again.
Inglemoor kid 2: Fuck Bothell high school.
by bothellcougar October 23, 2010
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