Top Definition
1. A combination of bitchy and bossy

2. Someone who is a bossy bitch

My teacher gave me so many detentions. I thought she knew by now that she isn't the boss of me. That botchy no good piece of crap!

Once again my teacher gave me a ton of detentions. That botchy!
by Alayna27651 February 10, 2009
A girl with a bob haircut that doesn't go with her face, usually looks like a cat or dog.
Look at botchy over there with her bob hair cut, she looks like a cat!

Katie Holmes Cruise looks so botchy now.
by Pen1124 February 02, 2011
a project, plan or some other interest is doomed to fail from the beginning
That is a botchy idea going camping tonight.
by Craig Myran January 09, 2005
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