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Sexual Position...Consisting of 2 harpoons, a wheel of a ship, rope, a captains hat, and an eye patch...any combination u think of is acceptable
This chick was a freak...she wanted to do the boston whaler...
by 3600 January 19, 2009
Its the act of taking your girl by the head and dunking her head under water. When she comes up gasping for air through her blow hole, stick your harpoon in it!
Since my girl wont blow me, when she was in the tub I gave her a Boston Whaler.
by deuceisinthehouse September 07, 2012
When a guy is getting blowjob and just as he is blowing his load in his girlfriend's mouth he knees her in the stomach causing the jizz to exit through her nose, thus spewing like a whale.
I gave Amanda a Boston Whaler right before I broke up with her last night.
by drunkinsailor May 17, 2008
1. A guy from Massachusetts who has a tendency to hook up with fat chicks; see also chubby chaser
"Dude I wanna hook up with that chick but her friend is seriously blocking."
"Don't worry we'll put the Boston Whaler on it and he'll hook up with the beefy c-blocker."
by Josh Peezy July 19, 2006
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