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Girls from Boston that just aren't that good looking but walk around like it, talk like it and act like it too. They will pass as cute in Boston, or New England, but anywhere south, west or abroad, nobody gives them a second look.

Boston cute girls are also highly f-ing annoying....where they get entitlement from, nobody knows, maybe it was BC or BU or somewhere in the burbs like Andover or N. Andover.
Ex: If your mirror suddenly shatters when u look at it 10k times a day (window reflections count too girls) while saying, 'mirror mirror on the wall, who is the cutest of them all?' then u just arent cute....u may be "BOSTON CUTE", aka u'll do fine in boston with the rift raft dbags that plague the city. But, step outside New England and your just another girl with one feature in favor and three features against.

Drunk friend, "Man that girl is wicked cute."

Less drunk guy, " WTF is wrong with you man, she is boston cute at best."
by bestguyonhere April 19, 2011
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