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a way of describing someone who is involved in boss-like activities, or who has just done, or is known to do, amazing acts of awesomeness in their day to day lives.
"Bro, I just dropped 40 tonight on the other team."
"man, you're such a bosstrich."


"Bosstrich, doing anything special today?"


"Man, way to go clutch Bosstrch"
by german-australian-guy-what. April 21, 2010
A guy who is such a boss at a party or a bar, that he has multiple girls around him at all times.

In the animal kingdom a male ostrich will fight another male ostrich for a harem of 2-7 hens. However a Bosstrich doesn't need to fight anyone for the respect of women, because he already has it!!
Dude, you see Derek last night with those 4 hot chicks hanging all over him?

Yeah, Derek was a such a Bosstrich last night!!
by Murray123184 July 11, 2011
Bosstrich-noun-1.Someone or something that resembles an ostrich while being a boss.

2.Being hilariously funny while acting like a bird.

3.Someone who acts like a bird (i.e making noises, flapping imaginary wings, or squawking) and makes crowds of people laugh.
Dude, blake is such a bosstrich. the way he chases the cars screeching at them.
by xchek32 February 23, 2011
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