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Wealthy or powerful leader;top executive;dominator,tends to be saucy,crunk,and captivating
"Fuck What It Cost Ima Boss Tycoon Ty-Ty-coon"
Andre "Mac Dre" Hick! R.I.P
by Alyssa_209_fasho! April 09, 2006
the late great MAC mutha fuckin DRE...Thizz in peace
"fuck what it costs IMMMA BOSS..TYCOON..TYCOON" -Andre Hicks aka MAC DRE
by justine from the bay March 03, 2005
A wealthy, popular person who gets hyphy everyday like they do in the bay
Fuck what it cost, what it cost
Ima boss, ima boss tycoon
Ty tycoon
by Moose Nigga May 28, 2006
The ultimate in pimpery, debauchery, and anything baller/good.
"Wow, that dude bagged the hottest girl, he's a Boss-Tycoon. HOLLA"
by Andy Weaver October 27, 2007
A boss who is so unmistakenly tycoonin that both sides combine and make the person a boss tycoon.
"Dude this cat right here is a boss. He tycoonin hard."
"Na, man he is a boss tycoon."
by stuartc323 May 24, 2009
What Californians call people who wear hollister while in california
..Somewhere in Cali..

Prep Kid- wheres the Hollsiter around here?

Cali Kid- Dude, thats soo Boss Tycoon!
by Coyote905 October 21, 2008
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