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Getting the best out of life and not settling for anything less. A feeling of being a king. You can activate boss mode at any point you like.
'Fuck this shit. Activate: BOSS MODE'
by Ouij April 11, 2013
The act of being in a postion of high authority and being above those around you.
He's in bossmode, unlike that conor over there.
by Graphite March 22, 2012
When one is in a zone of extreme power or very donnish. Often after a fight or when one runs tings
That Taran over there is in BOSSMODE, if only conor could be that cool
by Graphite April 02, 2012
Being in boss mode is not efficient for all humanity, but for only the chosen ones. When being in boss mode you are in the pimpin zone or also know as being tight.
Daniel- yo Juan!, i just bought a brand new defogulator yesterday!

Juan- Bro!, thats boss mode!!!

by chicarcas March 10, 2008
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