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Racist term for a MEXICAN refering to how they are immigrating illegaly and getting thrown back by IMMIGRATION. Often found in Taco Bells, Aztecas, family owned/ other Mexican restaurants across the nation, manuel labor posts, yard work buisnesses, factories, the Rio Grande, or jail. Often associated with drug trafficing. Majority of Southern California's population. see Berry Picker, Beaner, Gravel Belly, Cheap Labour, Taco Bandit, Burrito Bandit, Wet-back/Wet Back, Bean Bandit, Border Bunny, Fence Hopper, or spic
-I need to build a deck, you know where i can get some cheap labour?
-Si Si! Aqui, Todos of these guys estan BORDER BOUNCERS, todos mojos necesita mas dinero... AQUI AQUI!!
by Buisness Beaner November 17, 2005
any agency, federal, state, or local, protecting the u.s. border from illegal immigrants. department of immigration, I.N.S. border patrol
i'm sick of seeing all these fuckin mexicans lurking around home depot... the border bouncers need to step it up.
by charlie badass February 16, 2011

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