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The nickname for Coos Bay, which believe it or not during prohibition was the main exporter of booze for california, Oregon(Yes I didnt cap the other states on purpose theres a hint), idaho, and washington.

It is also called this because of the fact that there are more bars here within a square mile then almost any other city in Oregon. I have four bars within walking distance of me right now.

Back in the day during the boom we were a main exporter of lumber, a lot of the time the logs would be hallowed out to create a channel inside them for bottles of booze to be stuffed.
Booze Bay, the only city where you can bar hop to six bars on foot, and not break a sweat. Where if your friend is at one bar, you can talk to him across the street from another bar without a BLASTED cell phone.
by UncleJohn August 26, 2008