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an expression used when someone is destroyed by a verbal smack down. brought to us by ali G& characterized by a snap on the fingers.

I'm Ali G. Booyakasha !
by 916 baller March 18, 2009
125 155
The approximated sound of a shotgun getting pumped... Ali G says it alot...
booyakasha! im in da ouse wiv my main geeza offica graham
by bla-ness June 14, 2007
24 55
Meaning pretty damn cool, wicked, awesome or agreeing with some-one
Guy 1: That party was awesome
Guy 2: Booyakasha
by FuckItLikeYouOwnIt June 11, 2008
63 96
used by the genius Ali G, this word can be used in most situations
eg. in an exciting situation 'booyakasha westside' ! representing the west side of town or the western suburbs.
by ballulah tutcher July 10, 2008
33 67
if one were to do something extraordinary to make someone else look bad, he would exclaim booyakasha
i dunked right over you! booyakasha!
by Farris F. Fanik February 25, 2007
24 59
1. a quick exclamation used when one has owned, pwned, shanked, kicked the crap out of, or mentally abused someone followed immediately by a quick snap of the fingers.

2. see above for definition
Ex.1) "Dude, you just got owned by that guy...BOOYAKASHA! (snap)
by georgetti December 17, 2007
69 105
booyakasha is a word that can be used in any situation, at any time, when no other response can be thought of. similar to 'your mum;' if you don't know what to say, simply shout BOOYAKASHA! it ends all arguments. you disagree? BOOYAKASHA! (can also be shortened to 'boo-ya')
"Have you got that twenty pounds you owe me?"
"Booyakasha!" *runs away*
by bridgino June 24, 2007
49 85