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Imagine that on everyone's hand there is a penis and a vagina. Now imagine what it would be like to shake hands with someone.
Fred: Hi, I'm Fred Derkowitz, nice to meet you.
Bob: Hi Fred I'm Bob. Oh God.
Fred: That feels amazing.
Bob: L’important, c’est que le sexe n’ait pas été seulement affaire de sensation et de plaisir, de loi ou d’interdiction, mais aussi de vrai et de faux. Postmodernism booyakasha.
by Josh12345 May 13, 2007
A hebrew word that literally means "hard booya." Superlative form of booya.
"Booyakasha grandma"
"Az terraga / Habonim b'schuna / Booyakasha"
by Josh12345 September 05, 2006

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