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1. A strong word that can replace a verb or noun, usally in an exclamatory or extreme sense. {The B is heavily emphasized & always capital when spelled.}
1. "Keep talkin' & I'ma Boox you up!"
2. Person #1- "Ya moms was Booxin me up nice last night"
Person #2- "Oh! Boox'd!"
3. "Yo... what the Boox..?"
4. "This substitute is a real Boox"
5. "The Booxin Boox Boox'd up the whole Booxin Boox, my Boox"
6. "Okay you're a Boox, but what's a Boox to a Goblin?!"
7. "Lupe Fiasco is a Booxin genius"
8. "BOOX!"
by DJ Napps! April 03, 2009
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Internet shorthand for books - the plural notation of the word book.
Don't burn the boox!!
by AlexKidd January 06, 2004

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