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To walk or drive around a public place with your friends for the specific purpose of spotting girls with round tits and fat asses.

After you or your friends spot a target be sure to yell "DAMN!!!" or maybe "I'd tear that up!" or "Say girl, let me see it!!".

Booty-Hunting is a great way to cure boredom when you are stuck at the mall, city, or grocery center...

Beer always helps make a booty-hunt more entertaining.
Me and my homies were waiting for one of my friends to get off work at the outlet mall... So we cruised around booty-hunting. The ass on that girl in the red was fucking insane! Our drunk asses followed her all through the parking lot yelling "Damn girl, you wanna come to a kegger tonight!?"

I'm surprised she didn't call the cops haha! Booty-Hunting NEVER gets old!
by thecrackparty April 02, 2009
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