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Not exactly a fuck buddy but someone who you have friendly conversation with just before and after sex during regular booty calls.
Nick is a great Booty Buddy but I just don’t think we’d get along if we spent time together not having sex.”
by Brett Burkhardt April 27, 2008
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cut friends, sexual partners (usually secret) with no formal romantic relationship.
I don't want agirl friend, but we can still be booty buddies.
by jason October 16, 2003
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Noun. Boo-ty-Bud-dy.
1. A good sex-partner; usually in the same military branch. A butt-buddy.

2. A sexual partner, especially of the same sex (usually male). The one being screwed wildly in a tag-team buddy system.

3. Friend with "special priviledges", cum-chum.
This being his first week in boot camp, Julio had no idea he would be the victim of the largest fuck-fest free-for-all known in recorded military history.
by Funk N' Wagnails June 11, 2004
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