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Booty snuggling is a closer way of snuggling.
The act of booty snuggling is usually shared between a boyfriend and a girlfriend.
Clothes remain on however the two participants are usually sitting down as opposed to lying down.
Booty snuggling normally consists of hand-holding, head-nuzzling, arms over shoulders, and general closeness.
It can be used for emotional comfort or for pleasure.
It is most often performed in the movie theater, at home on a quiet afternoon, or whenever the two participants see fit.
It's name comes from the way the two participants are so close, like the two halves of a butt.
Girl 1: "what did you do last Saturday?"
Girl 2: "we didn't feel like going out so my boyfriend and I just stayed home, watched a movie, and spend the night booty snuggling"
by MeowCats February 16, 2014

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