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1: One who seizes booty, unlawfully.

2: One who tactically acquires booty.
09:08:14 <Pilfer> you my bitch nigga
09:08:19 <Pilfer> I AM A BOOTY WARRIOR
by BOOTY_WARRIOR June 29, 2010
an individual who aims to gain entry to each and every female regardless of universal ratings , such as 1/10 - 10/10 etcetera

essentially 'Any hole is a goal'

a more modern term and respectable title amongst peers, putting realisation to the theory , 'It doesn't matter who your banging AS LONG AS ITS SOMEONE
Dude your such a Booty Warrior! fathers better lock up their daughters, even their ugly ones with semi attractive assets.
by HARDCORE 3MILLION November 03, 2011
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