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Booty Quake is a slang term that refers to the jiggling that occurs in the ass when a woman with a large butt is in motion.
Damn Cedric, did you see how much that chick's ass jiggled? That was a Booty Quake!
by layssiege February 05, 2010
46 3
When a woman with shape moves her hiney in such a way that causes male arrousal.
This term was brought into common use with the Dr. Khan & DJ Bouti music video titled "bootyQuake".
Search for "bootyQuake" on www.youtube.com for Dr. Khan & DJ Bouti's music video.
by Rowdy DJ Bouti October 29, 2007
19 12
When you have loose stool or diarrhea.
After eating your cooking, I had a massive bootyquake.
by Foot2yourass April 19, 2009
12 7
When a very round big booty girl shakes her ass she's having a bootyquake I first heard this term from a guy name Hailwillis

Hailwillis has a song called "She having a Bootyquake" Craigsfun.com
That girl having a bootyquake, Go head and bootyquake for me
by bootyquake man March 02, 2011
6 2
Admiration and sexual arousal that a woman, who is blessed with succulent buttocks, causes when she is proudly and ostentatiously walking or dancing in a provocative outfit, such as tight pants, short skirt/shorts, with an obvious intent to attract attention and show off her rear goods.
She causes a booty quake while dancing to "get low."
by arkark October 22, 2011
4 3
At the club when there's an overwhelming amount of women shaking their booty at the same time that the building feels like it's shaking.

This was mentioned on MTV Live during a dance party they hosted.
Bro grab on to something. There's gonna be a bootyquake!
by workinghardly February 06, 2011
2 2
-A word invented to you by Raes Mohammed. It means to shake the hips continuously as Shakira does.
-shake that ass fast
hey baby, bootyquake for me plaeeaassee!!
by JoyJoy May 13, 2006
8 11