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When someone doesn't wipe themselves good enough after taking a shit & leaves a crusty icing in their underwear.
Damn fool! You made one hell of a Booty Cake in your briefs!
by Bill Bixby May 15, 2005
59 11
a booty that is not too big not too small but just right for the boys. it can be touched by only that girls boyfriend or else.
"why you all up on my bootycakes"
"shoot.....its enough to make me coo coo for your cocoa puffs"
by scrappy boo boo May 22, 2009
10 0
a group of totally awesome girls who run around screaming BOOTY and roll out with the beat. Used when drunk.
You guys ready to rumble? BOOTYCAKES ROLL OUT
by jillrahphinschbrit April 03, 2007
14 9
A term used in prison when small pie like objects fall out of the buttocks when you get eaten out analy
"Yo you dont wanna toss the bitchez salad he got madd booty cakes"
by mutha fuck September 16, 2006
16 14
A term of endearment for a girlfriend or female lover. Used in place for Boo, Shorty and other such terms for your female sex kitten Can also be another name for a regular booty call.
Hey man, what’s up! Laura is now my bootycakes. Man she rocked my world. Bootycakes is easier that calling her my bitch, for some reason she doesn’t like that.
by Big Pappa Smurfz March 01, 2009
5 6
crap, dung, poop, shit, fecal matter, poo, excrement, turd, pantyfudge, booboo
"Spot left you a bootycake on your new carpet!"
by atilla the honey January 19, 2006
5 7
Another way of saying dingle berry.
You need to wipe your ass more! I can smell and hear your booty cakes!
by GhostHunter September 21, 2005
12 18