To be wacked, outdated, tired, late, played out. Originally street slang from Oakland, CA.
Tina's get-up is straight bootsy. She want ever get no play wearing that wacked-ass fit.
by Demicci D. Dior-Britt October 25, 2007
Bootsy is derived from the song Low(feat T-Paine) by Flo Rida, and is used to describe the type of girl who wears "the boots with the fur."

A bootsy girl needs to be the center of attention at all times, and can usually be found at nordstoms or "the club"

If she's not engaged or married, a bootsy girl will definitely already have her ring picked out.
Joe: Hey what happened to that girl you met at the club the other night?

Eric: Turns out she's super bootsy. All she wanted to do when we got home was show me pictures of her dream weeding ring.
by Franklin_ July 26, 2010
A: To be one of the ugliest people at the party or in public in general. Can also be referred to as Beat Sauce.

B: U know when you look at someone from the opposite sex and you kind of tense up all of your neck mussles and make a face like u are about to spew; thats bootsy.
A: That chick is so bootsy that I might have to punch her in the teeth!

B: You wanta know something, that beeoch looked like Bootsy Lee Farnsworth!

C: That girl is so bootsy that her face sort of reminds me of the bottom of my shoe!
by d olson July 13, 2005
(New England Region) The state of being or being involved in activity that is sterotypical in the life of a blue collared worker, (i.e. electrician, carpenter, truck driver, logger, etc.) Either a person can be bootsy or an act they perform can be bootsy.
"Dude, after class I just felt like being lazy and taking a nap, how bootsy is that?"

"I grilled up some bison burgers"
"bootsy as hell, man"

"I'm going to fake an injury and go on workmans comp"
"dude, thats so bootsy"
by Belly Maynard November 29, 2006
1. Bad or wreched. noun

2. A synonym for bad used in a derogatory way.
"That history assignment is hecka bootsy man!"
by Anonymous February 24, 2003
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