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1 Messed up stuff, 2 Something you say when your mad at some one, normally a joke. 3. something you just randomly say when something goes wrong.(to be said with a slight accent. BOOleGGY)
Also known as: Bootlegged, Boolegged, Booleggy, bootleg, booleg
1. Melissa: Eww! look at the bathrooms!

Kindara: I know! thats so BOOTLEGGY!
2. Mellissa: Kindara, you need to clean yo room, it smell like something died in there.
Kindara: Melissa, dont be bootleggy k? and stay outta my room you boolegged person.
3.Thats so bootleggy. Your booleggy. Dont be boolegged! dont be boolegg!
by Micana January 11, 2011