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It's rare you'll ever meet a Bootiman, so when you do make it last. Bootiman can be added to a first name, for example; Alan Bootiman.
The males are usually flamboyant, charming and fantastically good looking and extremely 'alpha male' thus meaning, they always have to be the leader.
The females are stunning, intelligent and have great smiles, they will always be family loving and devoted to their partner/husband.
A common term for a bootiman female would be 'bootiful', combining Bootiman and beautiful together to make a unique word. All Boot's are unique, talkative and can make the most out of anything.
have a 'bootiful' day!
How are you today grandad boots?
Hello, my name is Emma Bootiman.
#bootiman #family #bootiful #boots #england
by tangoyankee11 November 10, 2011
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