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To Steal or Jack a car that is not yours.

The stolen cars are usually muscle cars, import and domestic street cars, donks and cars of luxury or high trade in value. This practice is very common in cities with many "Chop Shops" such as: Oakland, Detroit, St. Louis, Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The phrase was made known by the movie "Fast and the Furious" (2001) when Dominic (Vin Diesel) finds out Brian (Paul Walker) was incarcerated for "Boosting Cars".
Dom: Boost cars?
Brian: No, never.
Dom: Do time?
Brian: Couple of overnighters. No big deal.
Dom: What about those two years you did in juvie for boosting cars? Tucson, right? I had Jesse run a little background check on you, Mr. Brian Earl Spilner.
by Axle Foley January 19, 2011
The same definition as above, but it wasn't shot to common use in the Fast in the Furious. The term was actually introduced in Gone in 60 Seconds, a movie about a man blackmailed into stealing 50 extremely rare cars.
Car Booster: Man, that Gone in 60 Seconds movie inspired me! I'm gonna start boosting cars myself!
by Mr. Makuniru May 19, 2016
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