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A word that means "baby" or cute.

The word was made up in 2000 by Aimee Coustier and Coeura Lafferty. It originated off the word "beluga".
hey booshka!
by ooospl jackaala March 14, 2011
49 12
A sound made when extremely happy, usually dealt with online gaming and 'pwning' somebody, replacement of the word boom.
by WArphOEnIX022 September 28, 2009
45 27
A better way to say "Bad Ass!"; Takes Bad Ass to another level.
Tila Tequila is Booshka!

Dude, did you hear the new Green Day song, its Booshka!
by Briany June 05, 2009
22 44
When a person is acting really stupid and annoying.
"Man that person is really slow!"
"Thats not even funny, you are acting really Booshka right now!"
by J Fly Da King, G-Money, BB July 17, 2009
9 51