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A word spoken aloud when attempting to subtly inform others around you that it's time to come and smoke some marijuana; often done in a small, falsetto voice, as to not attract the attention of too many people
(in a crowded room) Dave: "Boop!"

Chip (to Freddie): "Dude, we just got 'booped'. Let's follow Dave"
by Freddie Fuckin' Finklestien January 03, 2010
8 9
The mystery of the boop shall never be revealed. But when saying "Boop" you must poke a random person on the nose.
Meh: Boop! *pokes your nose*
by Pingu April 11, 2004
1044 199
To poke and animal or something cute in the nose.
Mary booped her dog.
by anonymous April 12, 2003
563 215
west indian roots, the phrase means to imply weak for woman, likened to "sweep"as men say about a easy woman
"see boops there, him a run off at the mouth" Supercat 1990.

"hush ya mouth, you a straight boopsman with deep pockets"
by kushkush/syntaxmac February 12, 2005
133 75
A word said by one lover to another, meaning "I love you." The other lover usually follows with "beep!" This can be seen in the movie "Knocked Up" (2007) as well.
Kris: Boop!
Val: Beep!
*smiles at each other*
Kris: huam! I love you!
Val: muah! I love you moore!!
by Valerie & Kris <3 June 24, 2007
42 29
The sound effect used to delineate that someone has just said something utterly stupid. Derived from the sound an answering machine makes, thus indicating nobody is home.
Person 1: Hey, what country is China in?
Person 2: Boop!
by Felice Howden March 23, 2008
29 20
A word used at the end of a video made by famous youtuber Toby Turner aka Tobuscus.
"Peace off! Ba da do do do do do do do Subscribe! Boop!"
by AllThingsBuscus January 05, 2012
25 20
when one's titty falls out of one's shirt without one's knowledge
Oh shit, you can totally see her nipple! BOOPS!
by lexsicca January 23, 2009
53 51