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with the oo pronounced like "book"

South Australian term to describe someone going crazy, getting excited, angry etc.
"I told her what I did and she just went boonta at me!"

"He's that old boonta guy from down south!"
by Gabe Delaine October 14, 2005
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A South Australian word meaning crazy, mad, excited. Possibly from the Indigenous 'Narungga' language from Yorke peninsula; 'buntha' meaning 'crazy'. The 'oo' is pronounced like it would be in 'book'.
He went completely boonta
by blahnn June 01, 2010
In Western Australia it is predominantly used in place of massive.
"That is a boonta cone"
by the berg July 15, 2014
Used in joke reference, it means the same as anal sex.
Death or boonta? Um neither... death by boonta!
by okeefferd March 21, 2007
a kid that smokes alot of weed, especially blunts
Boonta has got the dankest chronic!
by Hopeton December 29, 2006
exclamation of joy or excitement in a stupid tone
"BOONTA!........... man"
by Dave Devine May 03, 2004
1. A hot chick.
2. Anything sick, cool, good, awesome.
"Check her out man. Boonta!"
"That was some boonta buddha I got from you yesterday."
by Diego July 29, 2003

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