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A bizarre new stand up game in Japan with an ass manequin sticking out the front. In your hand is a giant plastic finger that you're supposed to ram into the ass as rigorously as you can while the characters on the screen scream in pain and make silly faces.
Just wait til this hits the states !
Jimbo is the boonga boonga champ. He can really RAM that plastic finger into the ass manequin with strength and finesse.
by Poster Nutbag May 20, 2003
1. A ritualistic death by which victims are repeatedly sodomized by hundreds of jungle natives.

2. The latest craze in Japanese arcade games based on the death ritual in which the player attempts to insert a giant hand up a virtual rectum as painfully as possible.
1. "Death by Boonga Boonga!"

2. Me reary reary rike Boonga Boonga!
by Ponch April 28, 2003
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