"Boomf" is a word used to express excitement when one achieves, or to praise another's achievement. "Boomf" is only effective when shouted loudly.
Dennis: "Totally banged Fiona last night, it was like, BOOMF!"

Kyle: "Mint,"
by Dennis McInally February 17, 2009
Boomf adjective, -er, -est, adverb, noun,

plural Boomfs
for something being better than great, better than excellent, heavier, bigger and all round boomfer.
fig.1 that new Swordmaster tune is mega boomf.

fig.2 waz gotae couple o those Boomf as f**k pellets Tam geed uz last night
by VAN DIZZLE June 18, 2009
each letter stands for Bastard Obese O-tard Mother Fucker
Did that Prick just call me a boomf?
by armedgangsta504 March 18, 2007

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