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Noun: A death (or colloq, narrowly avoided demise) by slipping/losing balance as a result of damp or wet paving outside the Boole Basement or Library on UCC campus.

Note: often misinterpreted as death by the notoriously overwhelming heat of the Boole Basement, or as a result of over-zealous study in the Boole Library.

From Latin boolumdethus: A similar occurance in Ancient Rome.
Arts Student 1: C'mere bai, did I see you studying in the Fishbowl yesterday?

Arts Student 2: I wasn't studying bai, tis the best spot for laughing at Booledeath like.

A. S. 1: True that bai, I nearly hopped my cocyx last week like. Lethal stuff bai.
by IsayUCyousayC May 26, 2011

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