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Something wierd,tasteless, or out of the ordinary (see "wack")
Damn, that mess is Bookie.
by Madd Hatter January 28, 2003
40 103
A shady character that takes illegal bets on horse races, fights, sports games. Such people usually are robbed regularly as they have large amounts of money.
Oh shit, I went to the bookie but then he got pinched! There goes my bet.
by Killer Croc May 24, 2006
584 211
Old English

A person who will take your money off of you, and encourage you to come back for more.
That bookie stripped me bare.
by misterbump February 25, 2004
212 225
Short for "bookkeeper". Someone who keeps track of business transactions.
Usually referenced toward gambling, accounting and banking.
I talked to Louie, our bookie, and he says we should bet on the New York Jets based on our records.
by Smkngmgc January 10, 2005
195 215
(pronounced boo-key)lame, boring, and unappealing, most often used to describe a female. Origin, Nashville, TN.
Man,this party is full of bookie broads.
by Maurice Thompson November 03, 2005
64 116
A slang word used as a term of endearment or as a name substitute. Bookie is usally follow up by," oohki"
Bookie oohki, did you take archie outside to poop?
by Duane Stallworth March 23, 2007
44 98
is a word that describes a totally nerd, and a book worm person who always make his move by the book and according to the book and talks only what is written on a book that he or she have read.
He is a bookie type of person who always insist his idea based from gathered news.
by Morris Eugedo March 24, 2008
31 95