One who handles money and looks after the affiars of an association, club, organization ect.
See also: Secretary and or Treasurer and or Book Bitch and or Librarian
by CrazyNaTiVes March 21, 2009
Top Definition
one whos life revolves around books, often a librarian or a well-respected student whom is doing better in life than yourself.
Georgio: hey check out that guy, he's always reading.
Tom: what a fucking Book bitch.

George: omg, hottest librarian evver!
Fred: yer but i bet she takes it like a Book bitch
by JTizzle93 January 25, 2011
hot girls that read books
Jack: dammmm look at them bookbitches reading

Ben: yea they look super hot
by Nerdytits November 15, 2014
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