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Posting vague, bitchy, rude facebook statuses
Kathryn's bitch-booking again. She just updated her status to "Get over yourself."
by BixiBite January 24, 2011
When something unexpected happens.
The end of the Sixth Sense was a total "Oprah's Sister"
by BixiBite January 24, 2011
Every Sunday evening on TLC they have shows about tree man or the woman with giant legs.
Me: "Did you hear about the 40 year old stuck in a 10 year olds body?"
You: "Yeah, it was on the Sunday Night Freak Show."
by BixiBite January 24, 2011
When a group of 3 or more non-nerds surround a nerd and push him/her back and forth around said circle.
Kathryn's such a loser. We should nerd circle her!
by BixiBite January 24, 2011
Popular in the Burlesque world. Moustache Tits are when a dance has straight fringe pasties.
Dancer: Do you like my new fringe pasties?
Me: They kind of look like moustache tits.
by BixiBite January 24, 2011
Holding in your farts.
That flight was 5 hours and I was steaming the cheese the whole time!
by BixiBite March 19, 2011
A popular game with Metal Heads. You play the intro of a Black Sabbath song, shut it off before the singing starts, and guess weather it's Dio or Ozzy.
Play the intro to Mob Rules and ask "Dio or No Dio"
by BixiBite January 24, 2011

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