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The anus or (vulgar) "ass." While "Hooha" refers to the vagina, "Booha" refers to the anus, often in a sexual context.
"I'm not letting that thing anywhere near my hooha, let alone my booha!"
by Popular_Demand March 12, 2010
A random degrading exclaimation yelled in the face of an innocent freshman in the hallway.

Created by Stan Guertal and Jake Patton of Tuscarawas Valley High School.
BOOHA! YOU are fucking dumB!!!
by Jake Patton April 23, 2005
Medical terminology referring to rectal bleeding, or bleeding from the gastrointestinal tract in general. It is short for bleeding out of his/her ass.
"Hey man, I am sending this patient to the unit. He's got the booha. GI is coming in to scope him now."
by drski July 13, 2013
1. Forget you
2. So What
3. That's horrible
You can't come to my party because your not invited. --Boo Ha

by Jennifer Price December 12, 2008
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