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LAN CS player who owns on most servers.... doesnt play in comps because there is no challenge. Also plays The Specialist, Wanted, NFS:U, Operation Flashpoint, BF Vietnam, BF1942, Ghost Recon and so on and so fourth......
G-Had: Man i dont like playing at Game Star anymore coz that damn Boogy&Star is always here... :(
Some Guy: yeah who is that guy?? the only other person in here is that noOb over there....... hmmmmm
G-Had: i wish i was as good as him
by annon August 07, 2004
L33t PL@y3R of CS who kills all who touch his camel encrusted diamond mine... also reffered to as the m4s+Er 0Wnz0R of Australia. Member of the dC clan that also includes SkyCok, MiNtZ, and Hathu.
Player: PhUK doOd i got PwnD by that cunT!!!!
Player(1): Shit dooD u Just got OwN3d by dC | Boogy&Star!!
Player: dang his good :(
by B-Rad aka dC | Boogy&Star August 07, 2004
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