Verb) When someone hocks a loogie on penis and uses it for masturbation
My Girl friend had a cold the other day and she Gave me a boogie man
by StrangerJake August 24, 2010
a non-entity; an imagined threat
Maybe if we weren't so busy chasing the communist boogie man during the Cold War, we wouldn't have armed and trained Islamicist extremists.
by thedudeman May 27, 2004
n, A famed monster that is entirly made out of teeth. The tooth fairy sells all of her teeth to the Boogie Man, and then he pollishes them, and adds them to himself, and to his collection...
"Eric, the Boogie Man isn't real... Is he???"
by Jimmithy January 26, 2004
A Rapper affiliated with 3 SIX Mafia/Hypnotize Mindz
Yall got scared when these hard hit'as came in is a "Boogie Man" Song

by NIgga Pat August 30, 2007

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