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The act of rolling a nipple in between your thumb and pointer fingers until it achieves hardness, then flick the hardend nipple.
Guy1: Dude, her nips were hard enough to boogernipple them!

Guy2: What do you mean?

Guy1: You know how you pick your nose and roll the booger into a ball and then flick it once it's hard?

Guy2: Yea.

Guy1: That's how hard they were!
by Dave and Natalie Dubbya. January 04, 2014
A booger of nipples
Guy 1: Dude that girl over there is a booger nipple

Guy 2: What the hell is a booger nipple

Guy 1: A booger of nipples

Guy 2: Ohhh
by dgg1325 November 20, 2011
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